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Our Story

As a mother and board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Sebro was keenly aware of the potential issues with tongue ties and nursing. Sure enough when her son was born she immediately noticed a tongue and lip tie that were affecting breastfeeding.

Thanks to her advanced training, she was able to perform his release at 4 days old. Immediately there was a noticeable improvement in latch comfort for both mom and baby.

Having first hand experience as a nursing mother of a tongue tied baby gives Dr. Sebro an intimate knowledge of exactly how frustrating and painful it can be when your child is not nursing well.

She founded the Connecticut tongue tie center because she is passionate about helping mothers and babies establish a successful – and comfortable – nursing relationship.

We believe in a team approach

Issues related to tethered oral tissues often need professional collaboration to reach a solution. Dr. Sebro knows that surgical intervention cannot happen in a vacuum. We work closely with IBCLCs, SLPs, OMTs as well as other professionals to help address issues of breastfeeding, solid feeding, speech and sleep in our patients.

About Dr. Sebro

A top board-certified pediatric dentist who is also a mother of two

Dr. Sebro’s interest in dentistry started at the age of 5 years old with a particularly positive experience at her family dentist. After many years of study she graduated cum laude from State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. Following graduation she pursued advanced training in Pediatric Dentistry at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Since graduating from her residency program Dr. Sebro has worked across 3 states before settling in Connecticut. She is the founder of Wilton Pediatric Dentistry and has been voted a Top 40 under 40 Dentist as well as top dentist in Connecticut Magazine by her peers. She is dedicated to giving every child and family a positive experience with personalized care.


We perform all frenectomies using a LightScalpel® CO2 laser. This method allows for a complete and precise release. Using the LightScalpel also encourages faster healing than with alternative methods. There is often little to no bleeding as opposed to a release with a scalpel or scissors.

Highly Skilled

Dr. Sebro has trained with the pioneers and leading minds in laser surgery and regularly attends CE classes to hone her skill and deliver excellent surgical results. She is committed to pursuing continuing education and staying on the forefront of the latest research.


Every patient has a comprehensive exam prior to treatment. Our older patients are encouraged to pursue therapy both prior to and after surgical intervention. We work collaboratively with allied professionals to ensure our patients have the best possible outcomes.

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