Laser frenectomy treatment | Connecticut | Tongue tie

A tongue tie can have many symptoms…
By doing a complete precision release with our CO2 Laser, our patients have the best chance of symptom improvement as compared to a 'snip' with scissors.

In babies:

- struggling with breastfeeding
- poor or slow weight gain
- messy eating/leaking when using a bottle
- clicking noises when eating
- sucking blisters on lips
- excessive fussiness or gas
- symptoms of colic

In older children:

- very slow eating
- restless sleep
- problems with clear speech
- frequent choking or gagging
- pickiness with food textures
- snoring or mouth breathing
- frequent bed wetting
- chronic constipation

Trust your instincts

As a parent you often can tell that something's not quite right. Whether it's with nursing, feeding or speech if you've hit a dead end we are happy to take a look to see if we can help.

Professional Referrals

If you have a patient in need of a release please click here to send a referral to our office